Sunday, August 28, 2011

$29 Million Park City ranch! Yes, a river runs through it,,,,

Montana in Utah...   OK, not right in Park City, but close!   The "Riverbend Ranch"  is truly one of the most spectacular riverside homes ever!   The Weber River runs full steam 10 feet from the kitchen/patio door, for a most incredibly engaging setting.   It's only about 20 minutes from Park City, in Weber Canyon, near Oakley!  No, I'm not trying to sell it to you...   The  $29 million price tag is a little north of reality, but it is a fascinating property! 

The 16,000 square ft  contemporary home lies on over 200 acres of river property, and is impeccably crafted and designed.   In my opinion, one of the finest properties I've seen in years!   If you know anyone in the market for the finest in ranches...  they should have a look at this one.  (No, it's not even my personal listing... just saying!)

New market stats...    The sales statistics for the Park City market through July 31 show continuing improvement in the market.   During the first quarter of 2011, average prices of single family homes were down 14% over same quarter 2010.   Through July, they are now up 4%!  

Sales volume for sfh was up 9.2% first quarter, over same quarter 2010, and through July 31, is now up 28% over same period 2010.     Condos, weak in sales the past year, have improved from sales volume down 44% first quarter this year, to an improved down 25% through July 31.  

The overall  market in all categories has seen a full 20% improvement of relative sales volume from first quarter to end of July this year.   With continuing "high end" home sales, and investor bulk sales, the inventory is thinning, and market is stabilizing. 

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