Sunday, March 13, 2011

Deer Valley Starter Castle... just listed

Carlos Slim

Could probably afford this Deer Valley home...
This Man...

Huntsman Estate, Deer Valley
Just listed for $42M

So could you if you were the world's richest man.   Ok, if you're only barely worth 10 figures, read on...

Yes, the Huntsman Estate in Deer Valley was on the market last year for $55M, and now is bargain priced at $42.8m!   After all, it's on 65 acres, and has 12 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms in 20,000 square feet.  Brand new?   Nope... built in 1989!  Ski access?  Nope... a five minute drive to the lifts.    That's OK, because (pay attention Jay Leno) with a 28 car garage, you can drive a different assault vehicle to the slopes every day!   And the days you don't ski, you can  enjoy the indoor pool!

What is that other high priced ski resort in Colorado...?  Oh yes, Aspen... consistently  the leader in most expensive everything.  Highest priced listing I could find there today is an 800 acre ranch in the Roaring Fork Valley, at $59M!  (Also a bargain, as it's down from original price of $88M)

Call your friends... or call me, Big Al for details!   This ones just waiting for you to steal it!  (No it's not a short sale, or an REO.  The Huntsman family is in the ten figure category too!)

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